Author Susanna Shore
Paranormal and contemporary romances, light mysteries
Valentine of a P.I.


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Tracy Hayes, Valentine of a P.I.

Diamonds aren’t always a girl’s best friend.

After six months as an apprentice to a P.I., I had come to a conclusion that it was slow work. And then there were days like today.

The diamond thief who has eluded the police for months is back, and this time Tracy has a hunch about his identity. When she and Jackson are hired to work undercover at a diamond exhibition by Jonny Moreira, she has a chance to prove her suspicions.

And then a million dollar necklace is stolen right under her eyes.

Tracy and Jackson have to catch the thief before a diamond auction takes place. The clock is ticking, but their suspect is more skilled than they expected—and more violent too. When a body is found, the game changes to a new level. Luckily Tracy is an old hand in murder investigations.

The case isn’t the only thing giving Tracy trouble. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and she fears her new relationship with Jackson isn’t strong enough to survive the romantic pressure. It doesn’t help that the diamond exhibition is full of engagement rings and women throwing themselves at Jackson. What is a waitress turned apprentice P.I. to do, but to impress her man the only way she knows how: by being the most Valentine of a P.I.

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