Author Susanna Shore
Paranormal and contemporary romances, light mysteries
Unstoppable P.I.


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Tracy Hayes, Unstoppable P.I.

Justice is blind. Tracy isn’t.

If I had a bucket list, jury duty wouldn’t be on it. Luckily, I had a way out—but I might regret taking it.

Jury duty isn’t exactly at the top of Tracy’s bucket list—not that she has one. But then she’s offered an unexpected out: her brother Travis asks her to work for the defense instead. He wants her to prove that his client is innocent.

Easier said than done when everyone and their aunt knows the accused is guilty.

But the case that looked straightforward turns out to be anything but. Could it be that the man everyone is convinced killed his wife is innocent after all? Tracy and Jackson need all their ingenuity to uncover the truth.

And that’s not even the most difficult task on Tracy’s list. Her sister’s wedding is approaching, and their mother wants Tracy’s help planning it. To top it all, she’s promised to help Jonny Moreira escape mafia.

A lesser woman might find things overwhelming, but luckily Tracy is unstoppable.

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