Author Susanna Shore
Paranormal and contemporary romances, light mysteries
P.I. on the Scent


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Tracy Hayes, P.I. on the Scent

You don’t need a green thumb to save your friends.

I’ve faced some stubborn people as an apprentice to a private investigator, but they all paled in comparison with the resistance I met now.

Spring has made everything bloom, including Tracy’s love life. Experiencing an unprecedented urge to plant something, she visits a gardening center—only to discover that not everything is right there. Why is the biggest drug lord in Brooklyn interested in the place? And has his right hand man Jonny Moreira returned to his criminal ways?

Not everyone is lucky in love though. Cheryl, the agency secretary, is a victim of a dating scam. Determined to catch the guy, she goes after him alone. And then he ends up dead—with Cheryl as the prime suspect.

Tracy has her hands full once again, and not only with plants she knows nothing about. Can she and Jackson prevent a mafia war—or will they start it? And can they find the real killer and save Cheryl before it’s too late?

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