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Susanna ShoreI’m Susanna Shore, author of Two-Natured London paranormal romances, P.I. Tracy Hayes mysteries, and House of Magic paranormal mysteries. I also write stand-alone contemporary romances and thrillers. You can download the first Two-Natured London book, The Wolf’s Call, free everywhere.

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Out now:

The Perfect Heist


Magic by the Book The Perfect Scam PI for the Win


Works in Progress

Tracy 11, first draft (42 000 words)


Two-Natured London 8, first draft (55 000 words)




September 20

The Perfect Hoax is out! Thank you for all who preordered; it had a great launch. Please, keep the reviews coming.

August 11

The Perfect Hoax is available on NetGalley for book reviewers. Download it and leave a review if you can.

June 7

Announcing The Perfect Hoax! The second book in The Reed Files series comes out on September 17. You can read more about it here.

February 14

Happy Valentines! Magic by the Book is here and it has some good reviews already. Thank you for those. You can get your copy here.

January 14

Updated sample chapters of Magic by the Book are up. You can read them here.

January 2, 2023

Happy New Year! Let’s make it a good one. I have a lot of great books lined up for this year, and I’m looking forward to getting them to you. First up, Magic by the Book in February. If you want to know how my previous year went, you can read about it here. And if you want to know everything about what I read last year, drop by here.


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