Author Susanna Shore
Paranormal and contemporary romances, light mysteries
From PI with Love


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Tracy Hayes, from P.I. with Love

The perfect Christmas is made of snow, presents—and a murder.

There’s something to be said about Christmas in New York. It’s loud, colorful and bright—and seriously competitive. I’d met my match in Cheryl, our office goddess.

Christmas shopping is fun—until someone ends up dead. Tracy fears that the killer is after a pendant she’s just bought, but she’s not willing to give it up. So she has to find him before he finds her.

It’s not the only piece of jewelry giving her trouble. There’s a spree of thefts from old people in nursing homes. Are greedy relatives making away with family heirlooms, or is there a bigger crime taking place?

On top of sleuthing and Christmas preparations, Brooklyn has frozen over, a snowstorm is approaching—and Tracy has promised to go out on a date. Can anything but a disaster come out of this?

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