Author Susanna Shore
Paranormal and contemporary romances, light mysteries


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“Storyline is well built and tension holds up to the last moment.”

Amazon review of Personal

Revenge. It’s always personal.

Crisis negotiator Harper George is having a bad day. A hostage has died, the Metropolitan Police Service has given her the boot, and she has to handle a heist negotiation drunk. It doesn’t end well.

It’s about to get worse.

Seemingly random murders turn out to have a common denominator: Harper, and a negotiation she has failed. Someone wants revenge, but who and why? Harper is determined to solve the mystery before more people die. But then it’s too late. Harper has to face the toughest negotiation of her career: that for her own life.

This book was previously published as The Croaking Raven. The contents are the same.

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Personal   The Assassin

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