Author Susanna Shore
Paranormal and contemporary romances, light mysteries
The Assassin


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The Assassin

A new thriller from the author of Personal and P.I. Tracy Hayes series.

The sharp retort of a ball hitting the centre of the tennis racket reverberated around the court. The sound was much like a single round from a marksman’s rifle with a silencer on. His rifle.

A Saudi diplomat has been assassinated in London, and MI5 Intelligence Officer Olivia Morris has been assigned to investigate. The matter is delicate: not only are political relations between Britain and Saudi Arabia fraught, Britain wants to sell rescue helicopters to Saudis too, preferably without alerting the general public to the deal. Messing this up will result in demotion for Olivia, or worse. And she’s morbidly afraid of helicopters.

It doesn’t take long for Olivia to realise that the chopper contract might only be the surface. Who wants to kill the diplomat’s son? How are the Russians involved? And who is the charming toff that has insinuated himself into her investigation? An innocent bystander—or the assassin?

As the death-toll rises, Olivia has to run against the clock to prevent a larger disaster. And then she becomes a target herself.

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