Author Susanna Shore
Paranormal and contemporary romances, light mysteries
A warrior for a wolf


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A Warrior for a Wolf

“Got to love a strong woman and strong werewolf! A book that will grab your attention and leaves you wanting more.”
Amazon review of The Wolf’s Call.

“You!” No wonder the scent had irritated her. It belonged to a man she wanted to see even less than Ryan—and had for a far longer time.
“Me,” Zach said, flashing his easy smile that used to make her knees weak when she was a foolish teenager. Not anymore. “Have we met?”

Vampire warrior Zach Hamilton has divided his centuries in the Crimson Circle between killing renegade vampires and womanising. Now the latter has lost its appeal and he doesn’t know how to get his groove back. A mating bond with a wolf-shifter isn’t among the desired cures, but when he wakes up at a hospital after being shot, that’s what seems to have happened.

If only his rider hadn’t chosen a woman who hates him at sight.

The last person Harriet Green wanted to see on an already bad night was Zach Hamilton, the crush of her teenage years. It doesn’t help her mood that he has no recollection of her. But she is a doctor, so when he is shot, she does everything in her power to save his life. Mating bond is an unwanted side-effect she does her best to ignore. She knows from experience that pairings between wolf-shifters and vampires don’t work. After all, her ex-fiancé broke up their engagement when he was made into a vampire.

But then it turns out her vampire ex is now an ex-vampire. He is a renegade. Zach would love nothing better than to kill the man who has hurt his mate, but she has other ideas. She’s a doctor and sworn to protect life. Any life, even renegades.

Are a warrior and a doctor even less compatible than a vampire and a wolf-shifter? Can they overcome their differences, or will one careless act doom them to an eternity of misery?

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