Author Susanna Shore
Paranormal and contemporary romances, light mysteries
Magic by the Book


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Magic by the Book. House of Magic 4

When you’ve kissed your boss on Saturday, coming to work on Monday is nerve-wracking. Take it from me.

Phoebe’s boss, Archibald Kane, has finally taken her to an antique run with him. It would be more fun, if things weren’t awkward between them—and that’s before they’re stranded by a storm.

It’s not all bad though. She discovers a mirror with a spell on it, and becomes a surprise owner of a pile of ancient magic books. When one of them turns out to be a book on alchemy that’s been lost for centuries, troubles begin. A break-in into the antiques shop may be the least of their problems.

The book harbours a secret greater than how to turn led into gold, dangerous in the wrong hands. One grasping pair belongs to Morgan Hunt, the leader of the London vampires. Phoebe is ready for drastic measures to keep the book from him, even if it jeopardises her relationship with Kane.

When a warlock comes after the book, they must put their feelings aside. The ingenuity, strength, and magical skills of the entire House of Magic is needed once again. But will it be enough, or will the book show what it’s really made of?

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